Mikkel Koudahl is a Danish freelance bass player based in Aalborg, Denmark.


He works as a musician with a lot of different professional original and cover artists all over the country.


Primarily he plays rock, pop or folk music, but as an experienced musician he can adapt to most genres, as well as he can cover all areas of the bass (electric, synth and double bass) .


During his career as a studio musician he has recorded singles, EP's and albums for Danish artists such as 

White Dominos, Gregers, Vingard, Daniel Joy and Rasmus Bo.


Playing live is also a big part of his job. He has toured in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Austria and The Netherlands and is experienced with playing bigger stages, festivals and events such as Smukfest and Hansted Live (DK), Trestokk Festival (NO) and with upcoming shows at Haring Rock (NL) and Back On Stage (BE).


Currently he works as a sideman, providing bass and backing vocals for White Dominos, Vingard, Caroline Marie and Bryan Adams Tribute